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How do I make a reservation?
To request a booking please complete the Application for Boarding Form. We will respond to you within 3 working days to confirm availability and costs. You will then need to pay the 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your booking. Your booking is only confirmed once both the Application Form and the deposit have been received.
Do the dogs ever have confrontations?
How are the play groups organized?
Does a dog ever get hurt? What would you do if my dog were injured?
Do you have a vet on site?
Can I bring my pets bed, favourite toys or feeding bowls?
What kind of cleaners do you use? Are they safe?
What if my pet won’t eat?
My pet is on a special home cooked food diet, will you entertain this?
My pet is on medication/vitamins. Can you administer these?
Do you give my dog a bath before going home?
Do you provide a pick up and delivery service?
Is there someone staying on the property?
What are the daily activities?

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A tranquil retreat for your pet in Broga

The ultimate pet resort!

Surrounded by breathtaking, towering trees and a lush forest of Broga town, The Doghouse is a peaceful sanctuary, situated on the edge of this beautiful nature reserve.

Doghouse is a peaceful Boutique Hotel for pet Dogs, situated on the edge of a beautiful nature reserve, surrounded by breathtaking, towering trees and a lush forest.

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