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 Vaccination Status and Health

  1. All pets must have up to date vaccinations. These must be completed at least 2 weeks before boarding.
  2. Owners must apply a tick & flea treatment such as Frontline before checking in their pet, to ensure that the pet is free of external parasites. Otherwise we will apply this treatment and charge the cost to owners.
  3. Pet Owners shall produce their pet’s current or most recent Vaccination Certificate from a qualified and certified veterinarian. The Vaccination Certificate shall not be more than 12 months old from the date of boarding.
  4. Pet Hotel reserves the right to cancel any booking if the Pet owner fails to produce the pet’s most recent Vaccination Certificate.


  1. To request a booking please complete the Application for Boarding Form. We will respond to you within 3 working days to confirm availability and costs. You will then need to pay the 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your booking.
  2. Your booking is only confirmed once both the Application Form and the deposit have been received.
  3. Weekly or Monthly rates are NOT available.
  4. Full payment is due at check-in time.


  1. Pet Owners shall deposit a minimum of 50% of the charges to Pet Hotel upon confirmation of the booking from Pet Hotel.
  2. Pet Hotel reserves the right to collect up to 100% of the charges at the time the pet is checked into Pet Hotel.
  3. Pet Hotel also reserves the right to collect a further sum of money to cover any expenses or charges which may be incurred in case of an emergency as contemplated in clause 8 below (“Emergency Deposit”). The Emergency Deposit is refundable if there is no emergency. The minimum sum for the Emergency Deposit is RM300.00.
  4. Payments other than the Emergency Deposit are not refundable in the event Pet Owners decide to cancel this agreement or reduce their pet’s boarding period. As an example if the agreement is to board a pet for 7 days and the owner decides to collect the pet after 2 days, Pet Hotel will not make any refund to the Pet Owner.


  1. Rates do not include food. The additional option of pedigree dog food is available at a charge.
  2. Check in time is 9am and check out time is 2pm. An additional night will be charged for late check out.
  3. A refundable Emergency Deposit of RM 300 is required at check in time.
  4. At any one time, we will be housing no more than 25 dogs. This will vary depending on the size of the dogs.
  5. The number of dogs per Villa depends on the size of the dogs. For example, a large 8’ x 12 villa may house up to 5 small dogs; a smaller 5’ x 8’ villa may house up to 3 small dogs.
  6. Female dogs in heat tends to stress out the boys, so she will stay in her private villa and not enter group play sessions. An extra RM15 will be added to the accommodation rate per night.

Check in & Check out

  1. Our business hours are 9 am – 6 pm Monday to Saturday. All check-ins must be before 6 pm. We prefer check-in before 4 pm so that the evening feeding session (which starts from about 5 pm) is not interrupted and dogs that are already in their housing are not disturbed. Also this allows your pet time to settle in to their new surrounds before it gets dark. Our advice is to arrive early in the day if possible. This enables your pet maximum time to settle into the retreat environment.
  2. We operate like a hotel. If you are late to pick up and vacate your space, you will be charged for the extra day.


  1. In the event you decide to cancel or reduce your pet’s boarding period, all payments other than the Emergency Deposit are non-refundable.
  2. For example if you book your pet to stay for 7 days and decide to collect your pet after 2 days, only the Emergency Deposit will be refunded.

Pet Hotel’s Obligations

  1. Pet Hotel agrees to:
  1. Feed the pets at regular intervals;
  2. Provide reasonable kennel facilities;
  3. Provide a reasonably safe environment for the pet subject to Pet Owner’s warranty that the pet does not and will not pose a danger or risk (whether physical or by way of transmission of disease or parasites) to other pets at Pet Hotel;
  4. Maintain the pet in good health as far as reasonably possible and to the best of Pet Hotel’s abilities subject to Pet Owner’s fulfilment of the mandatory conditions in 1 above.

Emergency Situations - the Affected Pet

  1. If the pet should for any reason whatsoever become ill or injured, (“the Affected Pet”) during the pet’s stay at Pet Hotel, Pet Hotel shall be entitled at its absolute discretion to do any one or more of the following:
  1. Contact the Pet Owner to collect the pet if the Pet Owner is contactable;
  2. Contact the Emergency Contact Person if the Pet Owner is not contactable;
  3. Contact the pet’s veterinarian or pet clinic if the Pet Owner and the Emergency Contact Person are not contactable;
  4. Provide such medical attention or care which Pet Hotel deems is necessary or appropriate at any animal hospital or pet clinic chosen by Pet Hotel;
  5. Keep or maintain the Affected Pet by engaging a veterinarian until collection by the Pet Owner.
  1. Pet Owner acknowledges accepts agrees and understands that there is a risk that the pet can become ill or injured during its stay at Pet Hotel;
  2. Pet Owner waives all rights and claims against Pet Hotel and further agrees not to hold or make Pet Hotel liable for any injury or illness or death to the Affected Pet.
  3. Pet Owner also waives all rights and claims against Pet Hotel and further agrees not to hold or make Pet Hotel liable for any step or action or thing or decision made or taken by Pet Hotel concerning the Affected Pet.
  4. For the purposes of clause 24.I, 24.II and 24.III, Pet Owner agrees to provide Pet Hotel with the following information at the time Pet Owner checks in the pet at Pet Hotel:
  1. Pet Owner’s contact details;
  2. The name and telephone number of the Emergency Contact Person;
  3. The name and telephone number of the Affected Pet’s veterinarian surgeon or pet clinic (“the Pet’s Doctor”)
  1. If the Emergency Contact Person or the Pet’s Doctor is prepared to collect the Affected Pet, the Pet Owner authorises Pet Hotel to release the Affected Pet to the Emergency Contact Person or the Pet’s Doctor as the case may be who shall then assume full responsibility for the Affected Pet’s condition and consequences. For the avoidance of doubt such responsibility includes financial responsibility for the Affected Pet’s care and attention.
  2. If Pet Hotel should maintain the Affected Pet, Pet Hotel shall utilise the Emergency Deposit or such part of it to settle all its charges and expenses to maintain the Affected Pet.
  3. If the Emergency Deposit is insufficient to cover the Affected Pet’s care and attention, Pet Hotel shall be entitled to bill the Pet Owner all costs and charges less the Emergency Deposit (“Excess Charges”) and Pet Owner shall pay the Excess Charges when collecting the pet.

Transportation of Pet - Pick Up Facility

  1. The pick up facility is subject to and strictly conditional on the Pet Owner’s acceptance and agreement of the following:
  1. Payment of all charges imposed by Pet Hotel;
  2. That Pet Hotel shall not in any way whatsoever be liable for any loss to the Pet Owner for any injury or death of the pet if there is any accident during the course of transporting the pet from the pickup point designated by the Pet Owner to Pet Hotel or in the course of carrying out and performing the pick up facility.
  1. Pet Owner acknowledges that insurance cover can be affected for the pet for the pick up facility and that Pet Owner agrees to bear all risk for loss or death of the pet for the pick up facility.
  2. Pick up & delivery service is from 10am to 4pm, Monday to Saturday only (excluding public holidays)

Limitation of Liability

  1. Notwithstanding any term or condition in this agreement, the liability of Pet Hotel to Pet Owner under this agreement for any liability whatsoever (which shall include but is not limited to the death and loss of the pet) and in tort shall be limited to a maximum sum of Ringgit Malaysia One Thousand (RM1,000.00) only.

Pet Owner’s Indemnity to Pet Hotel

  1. Pet Owner agrees to indemnify Pet Hotel in full against all costs, claims, charges, demands, damages and losses in the event the pet causes any injury to other pets or animals or person at Pet Hotel or causes any damage to Pet Hotel’s premises.


  1. In this Agreement:
  1. Pet Owner means the pet’s owner whose name and signature appears at the bottom of this agreement;
  2. Pet Hotel means Doghouse Lot 4848, Mukim Lenggeng, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia who is providing boarding for the pet at the Pet Owner’s request;
  3. Pet means the canine brought by Pet Owner to Pet Hotel for boarding
  1. For the avoidance of doubt, in this Agreement, the singular shall include the plural.

Doghouse is a peaceful Boutique Hotel for pet Dogs, situated on the edge of a beautiful nature reserve, surrounded by breathtaking, towering trees and a lush forest.

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